12 x 30min episodes 

Robert Walton MBE is a recognised and respected figure in the hospitality industry and is President of the Restaurant Association of Great Britain. Having trained as a West End chef himself, he has unique hands-on experience and insider knowledge of what it takes to gain 1, 2 and 3 Michelin Stars.

He is also recovering from tongue cancer. Treatment of tongue cancer is a very extreme form of radiotherapy which literally burns the cancerous cells away. It also burns away any soft palate tissue and muscle rendering it almost impossible to chew, swallow and talk.

It also, and here’s the biggest challenge for a man who’s spent his entire life and career in the restaurant and food service industry, entirely removes your tastebuds.

Join Bob barely one year on from his initial diagnosis as he re-discovers his sense of taste at some of the UK's finest and most unique dining establishments.

Uniquely connected to the world of fine dining restaurants and chefs Leaf Films have unrivalled and unbelievable access to the leading gastronomical stars of today.

Each episode will feature two restaurants, from 3star classic French, to 2star English GastroPub, sensorial journeys, global cuisines, contradictory styles, surprising unlikely locations, outrageous characters and internationally acclaimed chefs.

Bob will visit each restaurant, sample their menu/signature dish, chew the fat with the Chef Patron/Executive Chef/Maitre D/Brigade/FOH. Talking husbandry, personal sacrifices, provenance, challenges, techniques, inspiration and passions with these like minded individuals.

As Bob’s ‘1 year old’ tastebuds develop we will hear how his favourite food has changed from Lobster Thermidor to Creme Brûlée. And how he is now tasting foods for the very first time.

We’ll learn what it takes to gain a Michelin Star in Britain, what it takes to move up to 2 and 3 stars and equally important, we’ll hear what it takes to hang on to them.

We’ll pick out the magic ingredient of each particular restaurant. A 3star restaurant is not just about the food, it’s a multi-faceted set of astonishingly precise and high attention to detail elements. All combined with World Class plates of food and wine.

Armed with his original first edition 1911 Michelin Road Atlas of the British Isles we cover the length and breadth of the country. Salivating, tasting, enjoying, sharing the wonders of British fine dining. British restaurants and their chefs at their very best.

The Pilot episode features John Williams MBE. Executive Chef at The Ritz London, John is originally from the North East, and son to a Tyneside fisherman, John joined the Ritz in 2004, achieving it's 1st Star in 2016.

We have unparalleled and unique access to all Michelin starred restaurants and chefs in the series as we see them at work during lunch/dinner service. We will speak intimately with them about their loves, passions, fears.

Throughout each episode, Bob will discover new foods, flavours and tastes to love.