Leaf Films are a passionate group of content producers.  

We’re all about making you look good to your clients. We see ourselves as a partner, absorbing brand, brief, audience and objective as if we were part of your team.

Vast Account Manager experience with global brands. We bring this level of service, deep understanding and rigorous attention to detail to all projects.

Extensive branded content creation credits across multiple genres. Our breadth of skills, knowledge and experience is our speciality.

Connected to a global network of like minded creatives. Any project, anywhere is achievable.

Being budget conscious is critical. Finding and developing the correct creative solution to fit that budget is what we do.

Collaborating with specialists throughout the industry. We keep at the forefront of technological trends, vital to delivering premium digital content creation. 

To find out more call us on 07717 185415 or email info@leaf-films.com or fill out the form below